Free automated system for handling your curbside/takeout orders

🔥Hey Restaurant Owners!🔥 My agency is offering a free automated system for handling your curbside/takeout orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. This short explainer video walks you through the process while also talking about the benefits of using Facebook Messenger to grow your marketing database. Chek Out The Demo: By using this system, you will: … Continue Reading

*** Curbside Pick up DEMO ***

*** Curbside Pick up DEMO *** This is a DEMO of the FREE Curbside Pickup Automation I’m providing restaurants 👋🏼We are still open! Now Serving Curbside Pick Up👋🏼 Get 20% off all direct orders! Tap the link below to start your order. We’re offering this service while our dining area is closed Tap the link … Continue Reading

Convenience and the Future

The way we do business has been altered. While most people are waiting for things to go back to the way they were, the truth is, they won’t. Consumers will almost always choose convenience first. As consumers get used to web based tools and online ordering, a new way of business is being engrained in … Continue Reading

Community and creativity get us through hard times.

Plans change…yeah that’s incredibly obvious now. Community and creativity get us through hard times. Don’t be afraid to leverage outside help and network with other businesses. With limited staff due to downsizing and restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, creativity will help your business weather the storm.

Are You Digital Ready?

Are you digital ready? What does this mean today? A website isn’t enough. Having a strategy for generating revenue regardless of circumstances is a requirement. More and more businesses are being closed by governments to slow the spread of COVID-19. Now more than ever it’s important to communicate with your customers. Get beyond the obvious … Continue Reading