A Story Of Hospitality

As social distancing restrictions are eased, one thing that may not stick in the back of people’s minds is the need for a mask in your establishment. Posted rules on doors help. Communication on social media can be a big help too. When faced with a customer who doesn’t have a mask, you could refuse … Continue Reading

How Will You Open Back Up?

The most common conversation I’ve had this week is about opening back up with dining in restrictions being lifted in some areas. You may be prepared to follow local regulations, but are your customers aware of what the rules are ?

Opening Up As Restrictions Are Lifted

Restrictions are starting to lift in some states. As people are eager to get out of their houses, it’s important to plan and expect the unexpected. Signs are likely not enough and training is a critical component of opening up safely and successfully.

Making A Vegan Salad and Homemade Dressing

I featured a live cooking demo on 5 local food pages I operate on Wednesday May 20th with Chef Lauren D’Agostino. I work with local restaurants, chefs and food businesses, helping them get attention, craft their story and build their brand leading to new customers and retaining existing ones. During this show, viewers tuned in … Continue Reading