Email Requires. What’s Your Point?

I get sooooo many emails all day every day. I know you do too! Each one from marketers is filled with lots of images, links and lots of confusion. Simplicity is the key. A confused mind, and thus a confused buyer does not buy or take action.

Marking ROI & Market Share

As the world changes due to covid, consider what you’re focusing on with your marketing. Businesses are going out of business every day. Those that survive have an opportunity to seize market share. ROI matters, but getting hung up on it can mean you lose out on market share which is long term.

Using The Right Tool For The Job

Businesses are catching on more and more that they need to be digital. Restaurants, small retail stores…even car shops. COVID is forcing a massive change in how products and services are bought and sold. Just because you have a Point of Sale system doesn’t mean you should be using that for your online store.

Burtons $50 Gift Card Entries Must Be In Today

The Burtons Grill $50 Giveaway Is Live and entries must be in by today. To enter, simply check out the post on their Facebook page and click the link: If you didn’t catch the interview with General Manager Brian from the Westford location, you can watch it here!

Ownership and Accountability

Getting employees to learn and adopt new policies and procedures requires ownership and responsibility. Taking it to the next level requires letting your customers in on what you’re doing. The results have a positive impact on your business.